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The Products & Its Applications

Ess Emm Enterprises amongst the leading manufacturer of brass & copper for over 40 years. Our range of manufacture is brass & copper sheets, strips, foils and circles in all sizes which are widely accepted by the user industry all over the country. Our vast product range finds application in the following industry circles :
  • Automotive : Radiators, Wiring Harnesses
  • Computers : Connectors, Contacts, Lead Frames Defence Cartridge Casings, Contacts, Detonators
  • Domestic : Decorative Articles
  • Engineering : Heat Exchangers, Gaskets, Springs, Boiler Tubing, Pressure Vessels, Condensers
  • Electrical : Contacts, Cable Tape, Switchgears, Control Panels, Connectors, Transformers, Battery Caps, Lamp Caps, Solar Panels
  • Garments : Zippers, Buttons
  • General : Flash light Watch Dials, Coins